Announcing the Edge Support Center and New Product Releases

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Announcing the new Edge Support Center

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuously improve customer service, the Edge Support team is excited to inform you of an upgrade in our systems which will improve our efficiency while providing you with new capabilities and improved visibility.

We have a new support web site at where users can register and login to create, update, and view support tickets. This online platform will improve communication on current issues and allow users to review previous support cases for historical reference. This new site provides a web-based form and editor to create and submit tickets, eliminates the need to use email to send files, and ensures consistent data for reporting. This flexible platform will help provide direct visibility into the support process, will improve communication, and ultimately lead to quicker, easier resolutions.

Please note that while you can still send an email to to get assistance from the Support Team, we encourage you to take advantage of our new support website.

The new Edge Technologies web-based Support Center

The entire Edge team is committed to implementing ways to best serve the needs of our customers. We hope you find this a beneficial enhancement to our customer support and we welcome your feedback.

New Releases: AppBoard® v2.6 and enPortal® v5.6

We are very pleased to announce that new versions of AppBoard and enPortal are now ready for download. These releases contain several improvements that have resulted in quicker loading times, faster processing of large Data Collections, and reduced CPU utilization. We've also addressed some defects and included new enhancements so we're happy to get this into the hands of our customers.

The new release is available on our download page. Please review the release notes for a description of the new features and resolved issues:

AppBoard v2.6 Release Notes

enPortal v5.6 Release Notes

If you need assistance logging in to the download site, please contact us through the Support Center or email the Support Team.

AppBoard Small Multiples Widget

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