Visualize Your Data

Don't be confined by the silo'd way in which applications summarize only the information that is available to them.  AppBoard allows you to break free from product-centric summary views, and lets you build truly wholistic summaries that combine data available from all your applications and monitoring tools.  Mix and match your information as you see fit, and then visualize that data in a way that makes sense for your specific needs. 

Real Time Dashboards

Making informed decisions relies on accurate, up to date information. From resolving problems and reacting to threats, to improving profit margins and forecasting, the ability to see and understand real-time data can mean the difference between winning and losing.  Swift, strategic decision-making requires that information not only be accurate, but presented in a way that instantly makes sense to the individual tasked with taking action.  The ability to pull information from multiple sources and visualize it in a single view that makes sense to a specific role is what Edge products are known for.

Visualization Widgets

Area Chart Screenshot
Area Chart
Bar Chart Screenshot
Bar Chart
Bubble Chart Screenshot
Bubble Chart
Bullet Chart Screenshot
Bullet Chart
Circular Gauge Screenshot
Circular Gauge
Column Chart Screenshot
Column Chart
Datagrid Screenshot
Icon List Screenshot
Icon List
Line Chart Screenshot
Line Chart
Map Screenshot
Pie Chart Screenshot
Pie Chart
Scatter Chart Screenshot
Scatter Chart
Status List Screenshot
Status List