Edge Training Services

Edge offers a series of educational programs to provide its customers with the tools and training to get the most out of their Edge Software Products. In addition, Edge instructors can build custom courses to meet a client's specific goals and staffing levels.

The current suite of courses is offered as four modules, each running for 4 hours. Two basic courses provide administrators and users of Edge Software Products with a fundamental understanding of the product features and tools and cover such topics as system architecture, user interface, workflow, Builder tools, user organization, and administration interfaces.  Two advanced courses cover special topics including database queries, LDAP, and an overview of content integration.

An advanced one-day enPortal training course is also available to provide software engineers, developers or integrators with an in-depth understanding of system architecture, custom login, and custom integration. A significant portion of the advanced enPortal course will be devoted to the discussion of the Content Retrieval System (CRS) which is a key component of Edge's innovative patented technology.

The following classes comprise the basic suite of 4 half-day classes:


The following training modules are offered for AppBoard:


The following training modules are offered for enPortal:


The following training modules are offered for edgeSuite: 

Video Training

Are you interested in self-training at your own pace? Check out the Edge training video library.

For more information on Edge Technologies training classes, or to schedule a class, please contact sales@edge-technologies.com.