AppBoard Video Library

Learn how to create great visualizations.


Module 1 – Basic Administration 201

The AppBoard Basic Administration module provides a full overview of AppBoard. In these videos, you will connect to sample data, create an interactive dashboard, and provision a user who can log in and access the dashboard. Each video includes a 2 question review quiz at the end of the exercise.


Create a new data source that will connect to a CSV file that is included as part of the AppBoard installation.


Create a Sub-Query that transforms the data to create a summary for each sales region.


Create a custom Data Collection to order and limit the result set to show the five states with the strongest sales.


Create a Stack containing sample Tile Map, Bar Chart, and Pie Chart Widgets.


Rearrange the Widgets to a layout that will be more pleasant and useful.


Configure three Actions that provide additional information and drill down to a child Board to display filtered data.


Create a user and assign a dashboard to the user for viewing upon login.

Module 2 – Dashboard Mockup 202

The AppBoard Dashboard Mockup module provides a case study for building a simple dashboard with various types of Chart and Table Widgets. In these videos, you will create a mockup dashboard using static data, as if you were tasked to create a simple solution for a “Proof of Concept". Each video includes a 2 question review quiz at the end of the exercise.


Create seven Data Sources in AppBoard by using the CSV Directory adapter.


Create an Area Chart Widget to show the number of Critical, Minor, and Resolved incidents that occurred in each five-minute time interval.


Add a Bar Chart Widget to show the throughput in bps and bytes for each particular client location.


Add a Hi Lo Open Close Chart widget to show how the number of incidents on a network is trending over time.


Add a Pie Chart Widget to show the top attack sources on a company network.


Add a Column Chart Widget to show the number of transactions that occurred over each five-minute interval.


Add a Table Widget, which will show information about a project such as milestones, status, and due dates.


Add an Advanced Status List Widget, which will display project details and an icon indicating visually whether or not funding has been approved for the project.


Improve the layout of Widgets on a Board and create a Stacked Widget, which will display multiple widgets in the same Widget frame.

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