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4 Dimensional Web and Data Visualizations

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In the cyber security and IT context, efficient decision making requires effective visualization of multi-dimensional data. The sheer volume of data and information sourced from too many tools and disparate data sources leads to complex navigations, inefficient access, integration issues, and delayed solutions. While traditional Business Intelligence tools can assist with some of these challenges, the 2 dimensional view they provide is limited to post-mortem, historical data.

With a growing need for data transparency and faster decision making, a single, unified view and access to real-time web and data visualizations is the solution for IT professionals from Managed Service Providers and Telecommunications companies to Public Sector/Government agencies. Here we will briefly describe the 4 dimensional web and data visualization approach of edgeSuite and the benefits of this evolved visualization solution.

The Limitations of Traditional Data Visualizations

2D data visualization is the common solution provided by Business Intelligence (BI) tools today. Traditional BI tools utilizing 2-dimensional data visualization graphics are unable to offer web and data integrations to combat siloed technologies and disparate sources of data due to limited integration capabilities. Without blended data, the swivel chair interface leads to inefficiencies and inaccurate information. Furthermore, a 2D view cannot incorporate information in real-time using horizontal pipelines to extract, transform and visualize the massive amounts of information across vendors or write-back to source systems and UIs. The result is a limited view of post-mortem data that is detrimental to productivity and profitability.  

4 Dimensional Web and Data Visualizations Mean Quick Decisions & Solutions

Enterprises with multiple data sets and sources are replacing complex navigations and old-school visualizations with 4-dimensional web and data visualizations. These SSO, role-based visualizations provide operational simplicity by delivering real-time information to the right people at the right time as well as writing back to the underlying tools with the click of a mouse. This ensures all sources are accounted for, ingested, and interpreted into a complete, secure, role-based, 4D solution. The single, actionable pane of glass that comes from a 4D web and data visualization solution eliminates unnecessary elements and provides a correlated view that was previously unknown.

How Does the 4D Solution Work?

Traditional data visualization approaches are 2D and unable to refresh data in real-time, as the high-code solutions applied sit “flat.” Edge takes a 2D view and incorporates the low-code, Extract-Transform-Visualize (ETV) solution with real-time changes to present a single 3D unified view. Then we take it a step further with the use of horizontal pipelines to configure write-back to the sources in real-time, resulting in a revolutionary 4D Single Pane of Glass (SPoG). Each view can contain data from multiple systems of record across vendors, as well as configurable visualizations created by the pipelines. This low code, 4D approach ensures fast, clean, actionable, click-to-navigate, and click-to-write-back web and data views that ingest and interpret all sources while providing an easy-to-understand view on a single pane of glass. The 4D approach delivers unprecedented time-to-value outcomes, greater efficiency, and strong ROI. The 4 dimensional, vendor agnostic, Single Pane of Glass powered by edgeSuite is the evolved data and web visualization solution of the future.

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