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People juggling all together with different objects portrays the mayhem from lack of governance when everyone is creating with no boundaries - Connected Intelligence

How to Get a Fix on Things When Everyone is Juggling The pace of change in business requires us to juggle several tasks simultaneously. Our heads are spinning from trying to get a fix on the things that matter most…

Why EdgeCore? Why Edge? Why Now?

Clarity Dashboard with beeter glasses

Working, doing anything with clarity and connection is everything. GfK’s syndicated Automobility research in the US, shows that 55% of those who plan to buy a new car (“auto intenders”) say their vehicle selection will be influenced by the technologies…

Resolve Yourself to Monitor Business Transactions

Started this article with the traditional “how to monitor and resolve business transactions”, then it occurred to me that this is known, what we really need is some resolve to monitor them all. It’s no secret that Infrastructure and Operations…

Jim Barrett, Edge Technologies CEO, tells his COVID-19 story in eWeek