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Creating Enterprise Business Value by Transforming ITSM

Global Enterprises that wish to stay on the cutting edge of service need a true Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) solution that transcends the usual BI Dashboard. For enterprises that have an existing ITSM solution, problems crop up when they either migrate to new vendors for specific aspects of their IT solutions, or when they have multiple systems/tools as a result of mergers and acquisitions. This can result in Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators needing to access multiple tools and systems that operate in silos and can lead to disparate data, increased MTTI/MTTR, slipping service level agreements, and lowered customer satisfaction.

Integrated, Actionable Web and Data Visualizations Can Transform Productivity for ITSM

In the context of ITSM there’s no greater killer of productivity than personnel switching between separate systems to identify the source of an issue. While SSO can help reduce the time it takes to get signed in, there are gains to be made throughout the entire workflow when you transform ITSM using a Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) solution. Evolving past the traditional dashboard to a truly singular pane of glass is the new direction of business intelligence tools, and is bringing gains in productivity and profitability for global enterprises.

Your ITSM should present real-time, integrated data from all the necessary systems into a single, actionable data visualization, in order to bring greater efficiency and advance insights as well as be able to provide for multi-tenant customer portals from native UIs. A better dashboard can not only eliminate that messy feeling multiple systems can create, but enhances the efficiency of discovering and fixing issues by integrating data and web-based systems for a streamlined process and click to write-back capabilities that go beyond traditional business intelligence systems.

Flexible, Unified Views Reduce MTTI/MTTR and Increase the Business Value of an ITSM

Additionally, global enterprises need the flexibility to change systems/tools as needed without disrupting the workflow and requiring additional training of users on new systems. This type of flexibility and integration has long been viewed as the holy grail of ITSM solutions. A single cohesive dashboard for all systems and tools that allows for click to write-back and single click to navigate to underlying tools is the latest generation of Business Intelligence dashboards. Whether an enterprise is looking to consolidate their tools, reduce MTTI/MTTR, reduce headcount, or increase customer satisfaction, the business value of a transformed ITSM is a game-changer.

[Case Study] edgeSuite Provides a Business Intelligence Dashboard that Exceeds Expectations

For one Global Beverage Company, edgeSuite delivers a Single Pane of Glass portal that seamlessly integrates the data needed throughout their operation, leveraging role-based views and a more efficient workflow that presents a single, beautiful visualization. The Edge solution allows users to quickly find and understand the information that is relevant to their needs.

As a result of using the Edge Solution:

  • Daily operations were substantially simplified.
  • The client reduced the number of “Severe” incidents by 40% over the first 14 months due to the ability to see possible bottlenecks in systems and make adjustments before they become incidents.
  • Compliance scores rose by 81%, increasing satisfaction from both internal and external customers.
  • Organizational visibility and click-to-write-back into automated incident ticketing systems enabled company managers to get information in seconds rather than days and correct problems before they snowballed.
  • ITSM managers have real-time, intuitive visual information on all critical work cycles through a single dashboard and can predict when the time of least impact will be prior to scheduling maintenance or upgrades.

Edge designed a custom solution to take the client’s ITSM from being just a necessary function of the business to a visually appealing, value-creating solution. The Edge solution was designed to increase customer satisfaction, decrease the loss of sales due to slipping service agreements and reduce the time needed to resolve incidents by providing faster, more easily understandable, actionable visualizations at all levels.

The director of technical sales at this global beverage company said, “In the eyes of C-level executives, Edge has transformed ITSM from a necessary business cost to an enterprise strategy that creates business value.”

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