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Cyber Security

edgeSuite provides an integration platform that creates Situational Awareness by visually correlating NetOps events with mission impact, extending the life and usefulness of legacy systems, providing visualizations mapped to the informational needs of the Chain-of-Command Influencers – Network and Security Engineers and Analysts. edgeSuite’s advanced security features include Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), CAC, and custom authenticator support.

edgeSuite integrates data from a variety of security systems, including HPE’s Security ArcSight ESM solution and provides powerful visualizations within role-based dashboards to help you quickly understand the source, destination, and impact of cyber threats. The system can even be configured to merge a series of multi-tenant applications and UI’s, including those that are not natively multi-tenant, into fully-integrated, scalable, secure multi-tenant portals.

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