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Your Dashboard May Be Killing Efficiency – It’s Time for SSO

network operations center engineer

It’s time for single sign-on.

Every NOC Manager sees it – engineers and troubleshooting specialists authenticating across a dozen different platforms at the start of a shift, or worse, scrambling to access the right information when complaints come in, or an MSP customer reports an outage. With siloed technologies sucking so much time every day, it may be time to ask whether your dashboard may be killing efficiency.


Single Sign-On Eliminates Time Wasted on Shift Change

Multiple access points to multiple systems handling separate monitoring and management of network, server, application, and other aspects of the network means a lot more time spent on shift change to get set up. A streamlined authentication process can immediately improve efficiency in the NOC. One Edge customer measured that it took employees 30 minutes to log into all their systems at the beginning of a shift. With 16 staff members in the NOC, that added up to 480 minutes in a shift, or the equivalent of an additional full time employee. With SSO (Single Sign-On), that wasted time is cut down to less than a minute per employee per shift.  


Reduce MTTI and MTTR (Mean Time to Identify & Resolve) with SSO

When targeted incidents, Event Management, Business Service Management, Application Performance Management, server monitoring, network monitoring, and log analytics are all launched from a single click, the time it takes to identify the source of an issue and resolve it drops dramatically. Building on the foundation of SSO implemented within the solution, one customer mentioned above reduced their Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) times by creating a “super tool” launch wherein an operator viewing an incident could launch multiple tools – in context – with a single click into a single view.


The calculated reduction of clicks, as provided by the customer, was from 110+ to less than 15 to effectively identify the actual root cause of the original incident. That reduction in MTTI directly affected Mean Time to Repair/Resolve (MTTR).


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