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Edge’s NNMi Integration: A Consumer Banking Example

Let’s say you’re a Managed Services Provider monitoring and managing network health for a huge commercial bank. We’ll call it USA Bank. Some of the bank’s end users start to call in and complain, “I can’t get into your website.” Now, USA Bank’s team is calling upon you – the organization to which it outsourced its network health.

Your NOC Engineer looks at NNMi, and USA Bank’s network seems just fine, but when looking into support tickets, it seems all the complaints are coming in from a particular neighborhood. If it were an application or server issue, those affected would probably be random, or it would be everyone across the entire network, so logic is still pointing to a network issue. The person in charge of network health is the first one called upon to prove it’s not a network issue, and that person can use NNMi to make the case. However, that’s only one piece of the puzzle in this example.

USA Bank’s customers are still complaining about access, and they’re looking to the MSP for answers. So, NOC personnel have to start pulling up server administration consoles  like the AWS management console, log analysis products like Splunk, application performance management tools like App Dynamics, and ticketing systems like Service Now to identify the source of the access problem for the bank’s customers in Peoria, Illinois. Now there are multiple tools involved, all of which require different log-ins, authentication processes, and platform familiarity to be efficiently used.

In the end, after assessing the geography, and specific support tickets, the NOC Engineer may find that the end users are actually able to access USA Bank’s website itself, but aren’t able to sign in using the usernames and passwords they swear are correct. Now, that points to an authentication issue, but look how many steps it took to get to that conclusion. What if all of that troubleshooting could occur through a single point of control?

With edgeCore by Edge Technologies, NNMi, ServiceNow, AWS, AppDynamics, and any other distinct system the NOC wants to use can be integrated into a single, customized dashboard.  

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