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How Edge Helps you Monitor and Resolve Business Transactions

The fast-paced digital world of today involves handling several tasks simultaneously. Professionals must carefully balance competing priorities to achieve success in business. While high-profile decision makers are focused on driving results and accomplishing strategic initiatives—they often get stuck performing repetitive tasks that can hamper productivity.

It’s no secret that Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) leaders struggle with uncoordinated monitoring dashboards that fail to work together in a synchronous manner. Due to this, it can be difficult to find a single platform that provides visibility across silos while presenting a user-friendly interface.

Challenges of Business Transactions

The complexities of business have increased immensely during the modern-day digital age. Businesses rely upon hundreds if not thousands of internal applications for viewing data sources. Using a stand-alone platform can help transform the silos of visibility into a single pane of glass. 

According to a recent Gartner report, the problem is that most monitoring dashboards fail to deliver a comprehensive viewpoint that adequately meets the objectives of different constituencies within the organization. Furthermore, many tools can be difficult to navigate and lack a common and easy-to-use interface. 

Business, IT and Security operations teams struggle with many monitoring systems due to information overload. The abundance of tools available can make it arduous for operations to provide timely data and support.

The most frequently cited challenges of operations include:

  • Having too much information to process 
  • Inability to use several tools concurrently
  • The complexity of tools and applications makes navigating systems challenging
  • Siloed operations create inefficiencies across departments

Automating manual workflows and tasks across heterogeneous systems and VDI systems has historically been difficult to accomplish within a single platform. Many data visualization tools currently on the market claim to use a single pane of glass system, yet are severely lacking user functionality and practicality.

edgeCore is uniquely designed as a platform that synthesizes various data sources, APIs, and best of breed tools into a single frictionless user interface. The real-time insights from Edge helps leaders make fast decisions as the only commercially available next generation single pane of glass vendor agnostic platform.

How Edge Helps Monitor Transactions 

The complexity of today’s business systems have left operations in a state of swivel chair chaos. Enterprises want to condense silos of information into a single tool that can be used to provide actionable real-time insights.

Edge Technologies provides a next-generation single pane of glass platform  designed to aggregate data from various sources and monitoring tools into an easy-to-digest platform. A recent Gartner report cited  Edge as a clear-cut option that allows you to aggregate data from a wide variety of sources into a single unified view.

Operations should be focused upon understanding business transactions while keeping the end user experience in mind. Dashboard frameworks must encompass elements such as network, cloud, system, and storage infrastructure into a single system. Each of these data sources must provide constant feedback on health, performance, and uptime information about business transactions.

Edge can help you monitor and resolve business transactions using a number of existing point tools including:

  • Application performance monitoring (APM)
  • Network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD)
  • IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM)
  • Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps)
  • Digital experience monitoring (DEM)

Large enterprises struggle with tool sprawl as data becomes siloed across departments. Edge Technologies provides an agnostic platform that gives users the control needed to syphon through various systems. Role-based views also allows insight into different systems depending upon the user’s role within the company.  

Today’s digital transformation world requires businesses to identify problems expeditiously in order to avoid negative brand exposure and customer backlash. Edge creates an ecosystem of monitoring tools that provides top-level views for rapid triage and remediation actions.  

Help Your Business Get the Edge

Edge Technologies encompasses data visualization and tool integration to transform the silos of visibility into actions. This helps to increase productivity while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

Edge uniquely integrates with other data visualization tools using a vendor-agnostic, single pane of glass platform that increases systematic efficiency and creates an improved flow of information across departments. 

Though many data visualization tools currently exist on the market today, edgeCore  is the only single pane of glass platform that combines data sources, APIs, and best of breed tools together into a single easy to use interface. Built from the ground-up using modern future proof technologies, Edge encourages collaboration across silos of people, processes and tools within an enterprise.

If you would like more information on how to build an ideal performance monitoring dashboard for your enterprise, be sure to check out the latest Gartner Report  for additional guidance and support.

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