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HTML Content Protection: Securing Service Management Tools for Any Audience

Here’s a conversation that’s all too familiar in the world of a Managed Services Provider (MSP): a business customer calls in with an legitimate issue around security, and is unable to see anything about it in their view. Because security tools are complicated (think chess and martial arts wrapped into one intense game of logic and defense), presenting information around security concerns is inherently tough. Tools like ArcSight, QRadar, provide important insights for security professionals, but how do you let a paying business customer see what they want to see without overwhelming them, or, worse, inadvertently revealing information proprietary to another client? It’s a question that’s actually easier to answer than it seems, and it starts with HTML content protection.


HTML Content Protection Facilitates Secure Access to Critical Information

For Managed Service Providers and IT organizations that act as service providers, HTML content protection is an essential element in delivering customer-facing views of third-party tools safely and securely. By engaging content filtering and modification capabilities of a tool like edgeSuite, MSPs and IT professionals can effectively harden or secure most web-based applications by controlling which features of an application’s user interface are dynamically filtered or modified before presentation to the user. Additionally, applications may be modified to “behave properly” within the browser (e.g. remove pop-up windows).


HMTL Content Protection Examples

Proper HTML content protection can result in secure, user-specific views and permissions, that drive greater efficiencies across the organization. Examples of content filtering, modification, and addressing potential security risks for proxied applications often include:  

  • Locking down access to specific URLs
  • Obfuscating URLs
  • Removing available buttons and links on web pages
  • Modifying menu options or labels
  • Removing breadcrumb trails from headers or URLs
  • Hiding or replacing logos
  • Preventing script execution or injection that may pose a threat, such as cross-site scripting (XSS)


HTML Content Protection with edgeSuite

HTML Content Protection is a unique and powerful capability of the web integration engine in edgeSuite. This is the key component of Edge’s patent for Secure Information Display and Consolidation Technology. The web integration component detects, modifies, stores, and disseminates information being retrieved from the web applications integrated through the edgeSuite framework. It is designed to incorporate any number of fully interactive dynamic applications into a single cohesive view. From an administrative perspective, edgeSuite manages user access and control to fully interactive applications and web content based on user, domain, and role.


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