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Media & Entertainment

edgeSuite provides a combination of solutions to the Media and Entertainment Industries. Some of the challenges facing this market range from: managing, bundling and disseminating varied content across a world-wide network of systems, to Piracy and Cyber-Security concerns, to managing the exploding video-on-demand need. All of this is very similar to the challenges faced in the Managed Services sector.

edgeSuite enables IT teams to efficiently manage both physical and virtual networks of enormous size and scale by providing secure Single Sign-On (SSO) access, complete integration across all systems, including support for role-based visualizations that yield clarity, understanding and action for both internal, external and third-party users. edgeSuite can even be configured to merge a series of multi-tenant applications and UI’s, including those that are not natively multi-tenant, into fully-integrated, scalable, secure multi-tenant portals.

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