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Mergers and The Business Path Forward

Mergers and acquisitions are becoming more and more common these days per the Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances. In 2018, almost 15,000 deals occurred in the United States alone. The estimated value of those deals totaled $1.9 Trillion.

If you have been a part of a merger, on either side, the following might sound familiar to you.

After what felt like an eternity of financial due diligence due to regulations, auditors and multiple war room meetings a deal is made. Congratulations, your company is merging with a competitor to form a super team even better than the Harlem Globetrotters.

You are excited, your manager is excited, the clients are excited, executives are excited. Now what?

Challenges facing operations after a merger/acquisition

Welcome lunches wind down. Executives begin to ask questions that require answers from both sides of the merger across functional roles. Product performance, open help desk tickets, number of qualified leads in the pipeline are all being pulled from a variety of sources. ServiceNow, Service Manager, Remedy #1-5, and Jira all hold different slices of data. It takes hours to piece together the right information, not to mention multiple screens and logins. Frankenstein-esque spreadsheets are created with the intention to make this process “automatic”… but somehow it’s always one-time uses.

According to a study conducted by Bain Consulting most deals fail to generate the synergies companies expect when they announce a merger. The report stresses that to be successful, an organization must come together post-merger and work to ensure data systems and operations are running smoothly. Hitting first quarter numbers, however daunting, will set you and your team on the right track.

This is where Edge can help.

Optimizing business operations and data analysis

Edge offers the only true vendor agnostic single point of control to integrate both web and data with underlying tools to vastly streamline multi-tool environments, along with bi-directional interoperability. This allows you to identify and mitigate issues such as poorly managed call centers and NOC problems, as well as providing complete visibility into business services and revenue impacting events.

Simply put, we remove the headache of pulling data from all your sources and empower you to take action in the same view. The single point of control exceeds the capabilities of the typical business dashboard by unifying cross-vendor tools as well as providing write-back to underlying systems.

You are the hero, the one that saves countless hours of productivity. Request a demo from our team today to learn more about the power of edgeCore and how we can support your business, regardless of merger status.

Watch our overview video to learn more or see Edge in action by requesting a demo today.

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