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Reduce Truck Roll with Mobile Optimized Dashboards

Only in the last decade – with the widespread proliferation of tablets and smartphones – has there been such an incredible opportunity for Managed Services Providers to reduce truck roll with mobile optimized dashboards. Mobile technology now allows field technicians to identify, solve and report on issues while on the go, significantly reducing expenditure for the MSP paying for trucks to roll back into homebase before going back out to handle another problem.


Truck Roll Slows Down Field Techs

Historically, Field Technicians had to operate from desktop computers inside the NOC, touching base between nearly every job to resolve issues, or even to simply update support tickets. While onsite with a customer, the Field Tech usually took out an unconnected laptop, plugged it into the router or switch at the customer premises to troubleshoot. He then connected by phone with a NOC Engineer who looked into tools to assess the issue and often said something like, “Ok, I can see what’s happening right now.” The Field Tech then said, “Great. Read it to me.” With three pages of code to wade through, a situation like inefficient at best, but more often simply not workable.


Mobile Optimized Dashboards Are the Answer

Busy MSPs need tools that improve efficiencies. Traditional, siloed monitoring and management tools fall short, both in clarity and aesthetics of dashboards themselves, and in the cumbersome nature of separate sign on. Imagine a Field Technician crouched in a freezing cold server room with an old laptop, signing in to 10 different platforms to troubleshoot an issue, or worse, receiving information relay via phone from an Engineer back in the NOC. A holistic dashboard that not only pulls in data from disparate platforms with a secure, single sign-on, but also displays aesthetically in a manner optimized for mobile solves the problem of old processes in the field. It also saves the MSP money by reducing the need for so much truck roll, because techs can access and update information on the go.


The best dashboards for field techs are adaptive and responsive, with no need for a special app or software to use them. A platform like edgeSuite provides a secure real-time dashboard offering, through our data integrations, we can send only the relevant information down the pipe to the mobile device only what that person needs at that moment to solve that issue.

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