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Swivel Chair Interface is Broken

Swivel Chair Interface is an insider term that basically means you have too many web applications operating at once. This causes you to swivel your chair back and forth to look at siloed sources of data, and besides building up the chiropractor bill from all that neck straining, working this way can cause IT security and network professionals to miss important opportunities to identify and solve problems faster and more accurately.


Swivel Chair Integration is Breaking

Whether working in a Network Operation Center (NOC), Security Operation Center (SOC), Managed Services Provider (MSP), or internal company department in charge of service health, you are probably using multiple tools to track multiple aspects of the network… your servers… your databases… your applications… multiple tools for multiple purposes. Your chair may be swiveling madly between network monitoring tools like SolarWinds, NNMi, and SevOne; ticketing systems like ServiceNow and Remedy; application management systems like AppDynamics, Dynatrace, RUM, and so many other tools so fast you’re dizzy by the time you leave the desk.


In a world where all of these different silos also have to somehow include the increasing threats around cyber security, and are increasingly complicated themselves, it is crucial to reduce the time it takes to access and analyze dozens of different systems. Blending data with data integration and visualization features in edgeSuite can be the perfect way to break the swivel chair.


Who Sees Everything?

Swivel chair integration creates a disjointed network management situation wherein network people see the network, and database people see the database, but who sees everything? IT siloes mean numerous web applications, and numerous web applications mean less efficiency. When each person in the MSP, NOC, SOC, or IT department has access to the same tool, the chairs can stop swiveling and one clean, branded, single pane of glass can help decrease MTTI and MTTR.


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