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edgeSuite provides new visibility into the Transportation and Logistic systems of tomorrow. Massive technology changes are sweeping the industry as there is great demand for integrating logistical and supply chain systems to ensure smooth movement of goods whether on Land, Sea, Air or Rail. Companies such as Uber and Amazon are dramatically changing the landscape today and they’re doing it with a complex integration of systems.

edgeSuite helps improve visibility across all types of Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Supply Chain and FInancial Systems through this seamless integration. edgeSuite can even be configured to merge a series of multi-tenant applications and UI’s, including those that are not natively multi-tenant, into fully-integrated, scalable, secure multi-tenant portals.

edgeSuite’s advanced security features include Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), CAC, and custom authenticator support. The system can be custom branded to mimic your organization’s look and feel, while safely exposing internal tools and information to external users via secure proxy and single-port access, all structured around a role-based hierarchy.

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