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Using edgeSuite to empower ITSM Systems for Healthcare Provider Networks

edgeSuite within ITSM for healthcare

Healthcare no longer begins and ends with a doctor’s visit.  Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) systems are becoming critical to the success of advancements. With the advent of patient portals, telemedicine initiatives and health monitoring through wearables, patient care is not a finite concept. It’s evolving as technology advances to meet patient needs.  In healthcare organizations, these pressures are compounded by strict data security requirements, legacy tools and systems, and tight IT budgets. Shafiq Rab, Rush University Medical Center Senior Vice President and CIO observes, “In the world of health care, the choices we need to make can be critical life and death decisions.” As health care provider networks grapple with these problems, they’re finding that the key to their success is in using Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) to transform how they work, collaborate and serve patients.

Challenges facing Healthcare Provider Networks

The old systems provide disparate data across multiple facilities and services, each separated into different divisions and employing a host of different tools. These tools operate in silos and make it unwieldy and time-consuming to share information across the network. This framework results in Alert Fatigue, Data Overload, and Correlation Issues. As a result, the organization has significant intelligence gaps between each silo or division of the service organization. The resulting backlog causes problems ranging from inconvenience to life-threatening as well as creating a huge drain on time and resources for healthcare providers.

Enhancing ITSM Systems with edgeSuite

Using Edge as a component of the ITSM system, Healthcare networks can gain the end-to-end visibility and control needed to coordinate patient care, better prioritize certain patient care activities, make short-term staffing decisions, and proactively mitigate potential bottlenecks ensuring quality services despite tight budgets and headcount constraints. The primary goal of large healthcare provider networks is to improve the patient experience, enabling caregivers to spend more time with their patients while making care decisions more easily and quickly. “Information is liquid gold,” said Rab, “Getting the right information at the right time for the right person in the right format, securely, every time is very important.”As more healthcare provider networks move to ITSM Systems, they need a single pane of glass solution that streamlines all systems and makes patient care services and operational insight smooth and efficient.

Why should Healthcare Providers use Edge to empower their ITSM systems?

edgeSuite empowers healthcare networks to do just that by providing a single pane of glass solution that is “tried and true” as well as being a vendor-agnostic solution that can merge all the tools and systems already in place. edgeSuite, a solution built by Edge Technologies, is designed to unify large healthcare organizations into one, streamlined business process. It allows for all tools and their data to be viewed through a Single Pane of Glass (SPoG), taking the work and wasted time out of manually comparing the data they collect. Teams gain back time to focus on more important work that drives business and patient needs.

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