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Why edgeSuite?

edgeSuite is a fully secure, visualization workflow solution that integrates your mission critical applications and data. edgeSuite is unique in the marketplace because it incorporates the data within your environment and the methods used to manage your business to create a single tool for both back-end and front-end solutions. Companies who are dealing with multiple data sets and multiple data sources are faced with the problem of complex navigation of different software solutions, and the inability to access them simultaneously in an efficient and effective way. edgeSuite also resolves web integration issues for consumer, reducing the need for multiple portals and complex navigation needed to access information and resolve issues.

edgeSuite takes data integration to a new level by reaching out, in real-time, to retrieve and merge multiple data sets from multiple data sources into a single correlated visualization. Our patented IP makes us unique in the industry and a primary reason why companies like BMC, Micro Focus, IBM and others partner with us. Where companies have multiple software platforms each with individual secure logins, edgeSuite creates a single, secure sign on/sign off across all sources. Our advanced authentication capabilities (2FA like CA Single Sign On (e.g. CA SiteMinder), 3rd party tools like CA Single Sign On, etc. which isn’t part of our solution, it’s integrated into all proxied apps.

edgeSuite also creates a single visualization that incorporates user-defined elements from across the data sources, eliminating unnecessary elements and thereby increasing efficiency for the user. Training time is much less than many other solutions, accelerating time to value.  Where other solutions can take three months or longer to implement data changes, edgeSuite can make those changes in minutes with no disruption to the user-side visualization on the dashboard. Our unique solution for merging data from the back-end into one seamless visualization is only one half of the total picture.

The other half of edgeSuite is our web integration that enables users, in real-time, in a single interactive session, to input user name, password, or other authentication to access information relevant to their needs. edgeSuite retrieves the data and provides only the contextual data that is specific to the user. This solution greatly reduces the number of inbound service calls as well as reducing the length of time during calls. As a result, satisfaction ratings increase, agents are more effective, and issues are resolved in a more efficient manner.

edgeSuite is a complete dashboard solution that not only handles all the back-end security, protocols, and data integration from multiple sources, but it is also a beautiful visualization on the front-end. Edge utilizes pre-built, COTS-based integrations and has taken what would normally be a development effort and turned it into license that is supported by on-going maintenance which accelerates time to value, minimizes integration risk and lowers TCO with minimal maintenance required as tool versions change. Additionally, the dashboard reduces visual and mental fatigue by creating a single, user-defined dashboard that incorporates only the relevant UI content as well as resolving the need for signing in to multiple data sources and toggling screens to access the different data systems. edgeSuite seamlessly integrates navigation and makes a complicated technical solution simple to operate.

To learn more about edgeCore, get a copy of our Data Sheet