edgeCore for Financial Services

Flexible, Scalable, Branded Multi-Tenant Customer Portals

Secure, Clear, Simple

edgeCore for Financial Services & Banking means a better experience for your customers. In a competitive industry, what an organization puts in front of their customers needs to reflect the corporate brand and ideals while delivering differentiating services efficiently and professionally to promote increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As new technologies and service offerings emerge, the platform used to deliver those new services must be flexible and scalable. Whether deploying a new portal, updating an existing portal, or even integrating multiple portals, Edge’s proven, flexible technology facilitates fast deployment, rapid time-to-value, and an improved customer experience.

With edgeCore, Financial Services & Banking can:

  1. Integrate applications and information in multiple ways
  2. Provide customer-friendly, unified views
  3. Use a single sign-on with interactive visualizations
  4. Engage more efficient workflows for internal teams
  5. Create fully-customized, branded portals
  6. And much more