Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

Edge products enable Situational Awareness by visually correlating NetOps events with other data sources and best of breed tools – all from a Single Point of Control. Edge products provide visualizations mapped to the informational needs of the Chain-of-Command Influencers – Network and Security Engineers, and Analysts. edgeSuite’s advanced security features include Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), CAC, and custom authenticator support.

edgeSuite integrates data from a variety of security systems, including Micro Focus’s Security ArcSight ESM solution and provides powerful visualizations within role-based dashboards to help you quickly understand the source, destination, and impact of cyber threats. The system can even be configured to merge a series of multi-tenant applications and UIs, including those that are not natively multi-tenant, into fully-integrated, scalable, secure multi-tenant portals.

Cyber Security has never been so important. Several major news stories have recently circulated that have brought even greater public attention to the sector. Secure, simple and actionable data visualization is one way to ensure your security organization is operating at peak performance. Let’s explore the benefits of edgeSuite for Cyber Security.

Advanced Security SSO

The security and simplicity of edgeSuite’s SSO functionality means your network managers, NOC engineers and other cyber security professionals can do their jobs more efficiently. The Edge Single Point of Control, with Single Sign-On (SSO) across multiple applications is coupled with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), CAC, and custom authenticator support.

Seamless Web and Data Integration

Best of breed integrations offer the ability to seamlessly unify existing views from a variety of security systems, including Micro Focus’s Security ArcSight ESM solution, with all new visualizations driven by raw data. Edge products merge a series of multi-tenant applications and UIs into fully-integrated multi-tenant portals. Edge products create situational awareness for vulnerability management across complex environments.

Powerful Data Visualizations

Real-time, actionable visualizations mean your organization’s insights are faster and more powerful. edgeSuite is an HTML5-based solution, with adaptive layouts and mobile device support that help you identify threats faster and more accurately while reducing MTTR. Edge products consolidate output from multiple network, application, and incident tools so you can identify threats within the context of even the most complex environments. Powerful data visualization helps you quickly identify the source, understand the impact, and efficiently resolve issues that arise.

Efficiently Resolve Cyber Threats

Fast deployment, rapid time-to-value, and evolved visualizations ensure you can identify and resolve cyber threats efficiently and effectively. No more multiple logins and disparate data that slows the front lines down. edgeSuite gives you the ability to quickly put the right data in front of the right people, at the right time. Edge products include intelligent workflow automation, so you are able to establish repeatable and measurable processes to investigate and effectively respond to incidents.

edgeCore is the industry’s only secure, vendor-neutral platform providing rapid deployment, integration, and time to value

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