Executive Team

Meet our visualization visionaries

Betsy Gorgei
Co-founder, CEO
As CEO, Betsy Gorgei provides long-term corporate vision, planning and strategies for Edge. Ms. Gorgei's customer-centric leadership approach has helped shape Edge into a solutions-focused organization dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. She is responsible for the company's overall product and service direction, sales and marketing strategies, and customer and partner relationship management, and for ensuring that Edge recruits and retains the industry's top talent. Ms. Gorgei co-founded Edge in 1993 and previously served as the company's VP of Sales and Marketing. She has more than 30 years' experience in all facets of the IT industry, including general management, acquisition strategies, sales, marketing, consulting services, financial control, customer support, vendor relations and quality assurance programs. Ms. Gorgei has a proven track record of starting, building, and successfully managing profitable high-tech organizations. Prior to starting Edge, Ms. Gorgei co-founded two businesses in 1980: Easy Rentals, Inc., a computer rental business, and Memory Systems, Inc., a network systems integration business. Ms. Gorgei sold both of these businesses in 1989 to JWP, Inc., a multi-billion dollar company, and stayed on as Regional Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the subsequent four years. During Ms. Gorgei's tenure at JWP, she significantly grew both revenues and net operating income. Ms. Gorgei is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Research and Business Management.
James (Jim) Barrett
Chief Operating Officer
As COO, James (Jim) Barrett is responsible for the day-to-day leadership and general management of Edge. In this role, Mr. Barrett is tasked with establishing Edge as a global, customer-centric data integration and data visualization company. Mr. Barrett has more than 20 years of experience in multiple areas within IT product and services organizations. He has planned, built and run technology organizations. Prior to joining Edge, Mr. Barrett served as Vice President for Softential (acquired by Cyient), for eleven years. Mr. Barret’s responsibilities and influence extended throughout many areas of the organization including strategic planning and execution, corporate management, business development, sales and marketing. Under Mr. Barrett’s leadership, Softential was recognized and received various awards in the Service Management and IT Operations fields. Prior to joining Softential, Mr. Barrett had been with Eltrax (acquired by Verso Technologies). Throughout his tenure, Mr. Barrett has held leadership roles in Sales and Business Development. Through his efforts, the groups under his purview achieved record growth and profitability. Mr. Barrett is a graduate of Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.
Edward Willhide
Co-founder, CTO
Ed Willhide is one of the co-founders of Edge Technologies and now serves as Chief Technology Officer. In this role, Ed oversees the implementation and development of Edge's product and service strategies - translating the needs of our customers and the market into Edge innovations. During his time with Edge and in prior roles, Ed has managed the launch of multiple successful commercial products used worldwide. His experience and background span multiple disciplines including software engineering, network operations, threat intelligence, and cyber situational awareness. Ed served as a National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) member.