Enrich the Usefulness of Your Systems and Data

Drive strategy, align goals, and achieve more successful outcomes with confidence and clarity

EdgeCore shoul dbe at the center of your architecture to drive governance and build connected experiences

Your Enterprise Needs a Connected Intelligence Platform (like Edge)

Edge Technologies’ Connected Intelligence Platform, EdgeCore, greatly increases operational efficiency, reduces process blindness, and promotes the best outcomes and actions, based on real-time integrated, orchestrated, and visualized data. The capabilities of EdgeCore can be extended further by integrating the platform with best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) functionality.

From Curated Data to Actionable Visualization, with Drag and Drop Configurable Workflow "Pipelines".

Nine capabilities of the platform deliver integration, workflow, cloud deployment, administration, visualization design, metric fusion, and lastly intelligence manager.artion
Metric Fusion
Visualization Studio
Mission Control
Intelligence Manager
Intelligence Manager
Web Scale Architecture
Workflow Designer
Web Integration
Data Integration
Stream Integration

Drive more value from existing systems

The EdgeCore platform quickly, easily, and securely complements your organization’s existing systems with integrations to these top software and solution providers, and many more.

These top 25 system brands for operations and managing data are easily integrated in a variety of ways to build compelling experiences.
“By 2023, 30% of organizations will exceed data and analytics ROI by governing the least amount of data that matters most to their strategic goals.”
Source: Gartner Predicts 2020: Data and Analytics Strategies — Invest, Influence and Impact



  • Orchestrate RPA and BPMS tools across business and IT systems
  • Preserve original data in location and region
  • Present application and image references for assisted automation
  • Securely connect legacy systems with Citrix-Ready connector
  • Begin the move towards hyperautomation
EdgeRPA Enhancement Module increases the power and success rate of RPA and business process tools
All the way down to a laptop, integrated visuals can show OCR scanned documents, business systems through Citrix, and even provide process guidance and data quality checks.



Navy Success Story

Customer Success:
Pacific Naval Forces

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Telecom Cable Success

Customer Success:
Major Telecom & Cable

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emergency services 911 radio

Customer Success:
Emergency Services

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Solution Brief:
Micro Focus NNMI

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Solution Brief: Performance Mgmt.

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