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Business & IT Leader’s Track

Why Connected Intelligence? Can you Thrive Without It?

June 24th

Long before modern business intelligence and analytics, Edge Technologies pioneered interactive dashboards. Digital has arrived. Check out EdgeCore Connected Intelligence Platform where visualization, automation, and intelligence converge. See first-hand how we are driving results for enterprises, service providers, and governments – helping technology teams to get more from their technology investments.    

Enhancing Your RPA to Tackle the Tough Issues

July 8th

RPA has been all the rage for the last few years. Some results have come easy and others have been more elusive. In this short session, we dive into our Citrix-Ready approach to making RPA and virtual desktop interfaces (VDI) more compatible. See how we can bring multiple perspectives to the forefront for workers. Observe how we illustrate and automate process while monitoring critical components that support business operations.  

Architect’s & System Integrator’s Track

Hyperautomation, Buzzworthy?

July 15th

Like every year, Gartner announced Hyperautomation atop the 10 buzz worthy topics  for 2020. With years of robotic process automation (RPA) and decades of business process management, new solutions are bringing multiple categories of technology together. We’ll talk through the definition and show you how you can get Hyperautomation applied to multiple use cases and legacy tools while you modernize.

Overview of EdgeCore Platform

July 1st

edgeCore’s unique capabilities enable clients to rapidly establish a Single Point of Control (SPoC) across multiple systems. Moving past the use cases and business outcomes, Enterprise Architects and Chief Technology Officers can wee and experience how we avoid having to replicate the persistent data store, manipulate web interfaces and automate operations.

Smarter Single-Sign-On for All Ops

June 17th

Single Sign-On is pretty common these days.  What about operations and crisis rooms where people are keeping the lights on. Are your back-end systems, logging in and leaving the connections open. See how we we treat Sign-In and Sign-Off in an operational environment. Every day we return minutes of productivity. Log-in and see the difference.

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