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Is the complexity of your current solution keeping you from achieving your digital transformation goals?

Too Much Information

End-users are presented an overwhelming amount of data. It is difficult to find the relevant data & assess the impact of issues from a business perspective.

Too Many Tools

Each tool has its own unique URL, login, interface, product terminology, and unique training requirements. There is often limited native interoperability between all of these tools.


Users need to use data collected by monitoring tools but want to be shielded from the complexity of the underlying technologies.

Security & Compliance

Customers need direct, real-time access to many tools across the network, while the security of the network is still maintained.

Could you benefit from the power of Edge?

Do you need a single point of access to manage custom tools and IT systems into common business functions?
Would you like business changes implemented without a development cost?
Are you looking for single sign-on/off, user authentication and proxied access to multiple tools/systems?
Would you like to enable business units the flexibility to adapt to customer needs?
Are the number of tools and applications in your back office negatively impacting customer experience?
Are you looking to avoid the cost and risk associated with building and maintaining custom integrations?

Edge products give you a Single Point of Control

Consolidate disparate data sources
Access cross-vendor tools from a single view
Write-back to systems and tools from a Single Point of Control
Automate repetitive, replicable, and routine tasks
Optimize operations with actionable visualizations

Want to Learn How You Can Win With Edge?


Streamline workflows across departments, data sources, and multiple vendor tools with secure SSO/SSX, configurable user/role based view. Easily navigate and writeback to multiple systems, tools, and data sources.

Simplify operations with intelligent automation of repetitive, replicable, and routine tasks

Combines disparate data sources, tools, human intelligence, machine learning & automation to create highly efficient workflows.

Protect operations from pervasive, sophisticated and persistent threats and attacks across an expanded IT environment

What Fortune 100 Leaders Have Learned

Edge helps you achieve operational excellence, maximize ROI, and decrease MMTI and MTTR

How Does Edge Compare?

Take a look at how Edge products compare to IBM Dash, Splunk, Tableau, DOMO, Qlick, LifeWray, ServiceNow, and DataDog.
Such tools operate on a post-mortem basis, and can sometimes be up to a full day behind.
With Edge's Single Point of Control, you no longer need two copies of your data, and your data can be leveraged in real-time.
Having a better dashboard means connecting the dots on one pane of glass, and integrated data means insights are actionable.
edgeSuite delivers what we've been trying to find for the past three or four years.
President of Operations Delivery

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