Connected Intelligence and Hyperautomation

Edge Technologies provides a Connected Intelligence Platform that enriches the usefulness of existing data and systems such as RPA, BI, ERP, ITSM, CRM, and BPM and delivers real-time, secure, connected, role-based data aggregation, digital process orchestration, and information visualization –  helping enterprises experience significantly improved returns

Powerful aggregated visualization go wherever you go and are armed with insight to drive results.
“The future of business analytics and artificial intelligence (BA&AI) will be based on Connected Intelligence. Connected Intelligence is a collection of intelligent and analytical systems related by common management.”
Source: Gartner, Planning Guide 2020 for Digital Transformation: Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Today’s Business Challenges 

C-level business executives require accurate, real-time, decision-ready data provided in an easily consumable manner to drive strategy, set goals, automate processes, and achieve business outcomes. IT leaders need to quickly and easily enable these requirements while tackling the reality of multiple, single-purpose, siloed systems and data that are often redundant and cannot deliver the necessary insights in useful explainable formats.

The multitude of tools and embedded visualization are confusing, what is needed are insights in useful explainable formats
Close to 60% of surveyed organizations highlight that “not being able to find relevant data that delivers value” is their biggest challenge in data management.
Source: Gartner Data Management Strategy Survey

How We Connect The Enterprise

Edge Technologies solves real world problems by extracting and aggregating operational and management data from disconnected systems, while providing automated workflow “pipelines” to orchestrate specific tasks across various business and IT systems. Progress, status, and results are presented in the context of the user’s role and assignment (C-level to System Admin to Customer Support), allowing the same data to be used for different perspectives and ensuring everyone is working in sync. Through the combination of data aggregation, task automation, and user visualization, both everyday scheduled and ad-hoc work becomes more observable, scalable, faster, efficient, and accurate.

Conceptual diagram explains the overlapping relationship between observability, automation, and intelligence towards created connected, empowered organizations and unified orchestration of work.

The Edge Advantage

Our platform installs on-premise or in-your-cloud and is based on a Kubernetes native microservice modern architecture with robust APIs, making it highly extensible, portable and scalable. It features dozens of out-of-the-box, low-code integrations for industry leading software and SaaS services as well as multiple data extract and transform methods inside a powerful SDK.

With drag and drop configuration and agile orchestration, as well as add-on modules for management and business operations, Edge Technologies is used in financial, healthcare, technology, managed services, and government organizations, providing real-time access to data in a transparent, measurable, executable, and explainable way. Even more, it does all this across multiple systems you already have today to accelerate your company’s digital transformation.

Blended GIS, Status, and Performance Data fuse different perspective to make better decisions when it is all delivered by a Connected Intelligence Platform


Edge Technologies has a proven track record of delivering accelerated ROIs for its partners and customers. It’s time to become more effective in how you manage your business and reduce the cost structure of managing your environment.

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