Over 120 Integrations

NetOps, DevOps, SecOps teams within enterprises, services providers and government agencies to provide scalable, secure, multi-tenant customer facing views.

Patented IP

Patented technology with Edge IP that is unique in the industry which drives key industry alliances with companies like BMC, HPE, IBM, etc.

Secure Authentication

Quick integration with LDAP, Active Directory, SAML/ADFS, custom authenticators, third party Identity Management tools, Two Factor Authentication, and more

Content Tailoring & Proxying

Secure proxy to back-end applications (single firewall port) for Internet-based access

Managed Service Providers

Do you have customers looking to develop or replace a customer-facing portal, with HTML content tailoring? Learn how Edge has built scalable, secure, multi-tenant architectures for global service providers.


Is it time to consolidate all of your toolsets into a single, secure visualization solution? Learn more about Edge’s over 120+ pre-built integrations, role-based visualizations, that allow you to manage your environment from anywhere.  


Tired of toggling, managing multiple monitors or needing to contact people across the organization to manage your environment? Ask Edge about how we seamlessly integrate NMS, APM, ITSM, BSM, and more, with fully authenticated single sign-on capabilities.

Public Sector/Governemnt

Looking for a highly secure visualization workflow solution with, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and common access card (CAC)? Learn how Edge has developed highly customized solutions for Department of Defense DoD, global government agencies, and public services.

What makes edgeSuite different?

Benefits of Edge Suite

A fully-integrated platform providing evolutionary steps forward to visualize your applications and data in truly innovative ways.


Leverage your organization’s existing authentication technologies to provide fast, simple, highly-secure, fully-authenticated access to applications or information


Over 120+ pre-built integrations offers the ability to seamlessly unify existing views from your web-based applications with all new visualizations driven by raw data.


HTML5-based solution with adaptive layouts and mobile device support, allow for role-based, in-context visualization that bring raw data to life.


No more multiple logins and disparate data! edgeSuite gives you the ability to quickly create and deploy UI’s, KPI’s, and raw data into unified, intuitive information. It’s time to implement a single role-based dashboard to improve workflows across the organization.


edgeSuite has a proven track record of delivering accelerated ROI’s for it’s partners and customers. It’s time to become more effective in how you manage your business and reduce the cost structure of managing your environment.

Cost by:


Productivity by:


ROI is: