Make Sense of your Data
Intelligent Workflow Automation


A Single Point of Control for complete environment management that provides clarity and insight across disparate data sources and best of breed tools.


Automate manual workflows & tasks across heterogeneous systems and VDI platforms.


Combines disparate data sources, tools, human intelligence, machine learning & automation to create highly efficient workflows.


Providing SSO, multi-factor authentication, and custom authentication capabilities for safe and secure, real-time visibility across all systems and tools needed to identify and solve security threats and identify vulnerabilities.

Who We Serve

Do you have customers looking to develop or replace a customer-facing portal, with HTML content tailoring? Learn how Edge has built scalable, secure, multi-tenant architectures for global service providers.

Is it time to consolidate all of your toolsets into a single, secure visualization solution? Learn more about Edge’s best of breed integrations and role-based visualizations, that allow you to manage your environment from anywhere.

Tired of toggling, managing multiple monitors or needing to contact people across the organization to manage your environment? Ask Edge about how we seamlessly integrate NMS, APM, ITSM, BSM, and more, with fully authenticated single sign-on capabilities.

Looking for a highly secure visualization workflow solution with, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and common access card (CAC)? Learn how Edge has developed highly customized solutions for Department of Defense DoD, global government agencies, and public services.

Have you hit the wall on reducing TCO for FTEs due to repetitive tasks and bloated RPA tools that fail? Intelligent Workflow Automation from Edge will unlock value from your existing processes while refreshing your approach by unifying web clients like Oracle Financials, desktop clients like SAP, VDIs like Citrix, and end-to-end attended and unattended automation.

Imagine the efficiency gains for Banking and Financial Services institutions working from a single point of control that pulls together support tickets, customer requests, network health monitoring, security (and more). Not only is access streamlined, but data visualizations are actionable in real time.

How Can edgeSuite Work for You?

Benefits of

20+ Fortune 100 Companies Rely on Edge for Data Integration & Visualization

Our Philosophy

The foundation of data visualization is clean data. Unfortunately, source data is often messy, bloated, and rarely conducive to visualization in it’s native format. Raw data needs to be aggregated, filtered, and sorted before anything useful can be conveyed. Edge gives you the ability to mine your data for meaningful information which allows you to make sense of what your raw data wants you to know.

Data requires a presentation platform to bring data to life. Our talented team of UI designers and developers are committed to providing a robust presentation platform for data. Highly polished widgets and flexible layouts, along with a wide array of configuration options, looks, and customizations that allow you present a complete picture of your world.

Above all Edge is focused on delivering an optimized time to value for all our customers. Edge works closely with customers to go from concept to deployment as efficiently as possible. Our focus allows us to execute against your vision in days what it takes months to achieve with other enterprise-level products. Our technological expertise, and innovative spirit creates lasting value-driven customer and partner relationships.

Our Approach

Recognized for meticulous software engineering and our commitment to high-touch customer service, our success is built on innovative technology driven by experienced, customer-focused teams. Edge’s methodology starts with identifying customer challenges, then formulating a comprehensive evaluation of all data and visualization expectations. From there, our development team engages our development toolkit to structure the optimal solution, focused on accelerating time to market, and precise deployment to all users based on both situational and operational objectives.

Why Edge

For Fortune 500, Government agencies and Service Providers, Edge Technologies is a next generation Intelligent Workflow Automation vendor that uniquely combines data visualization, tool integration, human & machine intelligence, task automation & virtual assistants to create highly optimized workflow execution that measurably improves your business, staff productivity & customer experience. Unlike other products, Edge Technologies generates business value by fusing together situational awareness with actionable insights & automation to provide a Single Point of Control. We do this by visualizing your data sources, securely integrating your best of breed tools then applying automation & AI technology to empower your users with the knowledge and tools required to improve service quality, efficiency, availability and performance. Edge Technologies Makes Sense of your Data!

Key Facts

Serving Customers Since 1993

Headquartered in Arlington, VA

Patented Technology with best of breed Integrations & Visualizations

Experts in the Integration & Visualization of Siloed Systems & Data Sources

We Transform Disconnected UIs, KPIs & Raw Data into One Unified System

Serving the Top MSPs, CSPs, MGSs Enterprises & Financial Services Globally


Edge Technologies has a proven track record of delivering accelerated ROIs for its partners and customers. It’s time to become more effective in how you manage your business and reduce the cost structure of managing your environment.

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