The following documentation covers edgeSuite.


The following documentation covers AppBoard. For documentation on 3rd party integrations, on enPortal, or earlier releases of AppBoard please visit the edgedocs home.


The following documentation covers enPortal. For documentation on 3rd party integrations, on AppBoard, or earlier releases of enPortal please visit the edgedocs home.

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Product Docs

Resources for Developers and Administrators.


Tools and training to get the most out of Edge products


White Papers, Case Studies, and other documentation on Edge products.

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Partner Program

Edge’s team is expanded worldwide by partnering with the industry’s top system integrators, resellers and technology vendors.
Edge Partner Program
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Implementation Analysis Services

Edge Implementation Analysis Services helps customers assess the most effective strategy for integrating applications into the Edge Product’s architecture. A typical implementation analysis study generates a high-level architecture, proposed actions, and cost estimates. Edge Implementation Analysis provides both an executive overview of potential mission-benefits, as well as a nuts-and-bolts analysis of technical requirements and timelines.

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Pilot Implementation Services

Provide new customers a fast and cost-efficient small-scale visual foundation by which to gauge the possibilities of a larger implementation. A pilot solution typically integrates several applications or services, allowing the customer’s management team to sample real-world results offered by Edge Software Products.